2021 NALC Webinars

Earn up to 24 CEUs/year attending our NALC CEU Webinars on best practices in victim advocacy as a NOVA Premier Member. Preview our 2021 Monthly Webinar Schedule here

It is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week!!

NOVA observes National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW) every year by offering trainings and exciting events throughout the week! We look forward to celebrating NCVRW through our 2021 theme: United We Advocate, Together We Thrive! In addition to celebrating the advances in victims’ rights and our passion for change, we are also celebrating YOU! Self-care and program innovation will take center-stage as we work together to ensure dignity and respect for all those impacted by crime. #UnitedWeAdvocate

NOVA Crisis Response Team Training™

The NOVA Crisis Response Team Training™ is the most prominent service NOVA offers, providing assistance and disaster relief to victims of crime, mass-casualty and natural disasters by aiding in normalizing their reactions to increasingly abnormal situations, allowing them to being their physical, emotional and financial recovery.

Virtual CRT training is now available! Learn more here. 

Coming Soon: ethics Office 

NOVA is working hard on developing a comprehensive and innovative resource on ethics for victim advocates, opening this year!

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NOVA’s 47th Annual Training Event will be September 11-14, 2021 in Orlando, Florida at the Hilton Bonnet Creek Hotel. Learn more >>>


Angela Willmore
D-SAACP Credentialing Specialist, NOVA

“I advocate because each and every person who experiences trauma should receive the care, support, and resources essential to help them on their path to healing.”

#WhyWeAdvocate #NCVRW2021

Laura Abbott
NOVA Board Member
Founder, Victims' Rights Arkansas, Arkansas

“Big Hearts Make Big Differences.”

#WhyWeAdvocate #NCVRW2021

Ané Vecchione
Marketing Manager, NOVA

“I advocate because compassionate on-scene crisis intervention should be available to all survivors. Everyone deserves to have immediate access to free mental health resources & support after a traumatic incident.”

#WhyWeAdvocate ...#NCVRW2021

María Cristina Pacheco
Assistant Director of NOVA Campus Training and Technical Assistance Program

“Why I advocate? To protect and promote human rights, and to be part of the change towards gender equality.”

#WhyWeAdvocate #NCVRW2021

Eric Barreras
NOVA Board Member & CEO / Founder @10_makers
“To me advocacy is about contributing your voice to a collaborative cause. Because other advocates used their voices, I gained the strength & confidence to use mine..."
#WhyWeAdvocate #NCVRW2021

Carolyn Eskin
D-SAACP Outreach Coordinator, NOVA

“I advocate because everyone deserves support and compassion.”

#WhyWeAdvocate #NCVRW2021

Angela Duhon
Military Victim Services Program Manager, NOVA

“I advocate to help victims find their voice, and guide them through their journey of becoming a survivor.”

#WhyWeAdvocate #NCVRW2021

Roger Roberts
Director Crisis Response Services, NOVA

“I advocate to inspire people to be their best selves in the worst situations.”

#WhyWeAdvocate #NCVRW2021

Sharon A. McCown
Membership & Administrative Coordinator, NOVA

“I advocate to help someone find their voice and be heard!”

#WhyWeAdvocate #NCVRW2021

Danielle C. Kitchen
National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP)® Manager, NOVA

“I advocate because survivors have the right to have a voice and to know that they are never alone.”

#WhyWeAdvocate #NCVRW2021

Mariel Branagan Jewell
Training Manager, NOVA

“I advocate because every survivor deserves to be heard and supported.”

#WhyWeAdvocate #NCVRW2021

Steve Derene
NOVA Board Member
Executive Director (Retired)
National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators

“My advocacy is to support those who provide the direct, critical services to assist crime victims and survivors.”

#WhyWeAdvocate #NCVRW2021

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