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The casual use of the word "stalking" can make it harder for victims and responders to identify this dangerous crime. #NSAM2022 #KnowItNameItStopIt

NOVA's Board of Directors annually presents awards to recognize extraordinary accomplishments of individuals and programs in the victims’ movement. Nominations must be received no later than March 4, 2022. Learn more & visit the submission form here:

Intimate partner stalking is a significant risk factor for intimate partner homicide Too often, stalking is only recognized after violence or murder despite victims’ reports. We must identify stalking behaviors & act w/ urgency to keep victims safe #NSAM2022 #KnowItNameItStopIt

Helping victims identify stalking helps increase reporting and help-seeking! #NSAM2022 #KnowItNameItStopIt

“Campus stalking” video:
and campus resources:

People of all gender identities and sexual orientations experience stalking. Generally, research shows that LGBTQ+ individuals are more likely than heterosexual and cisgender individuals to experience stalking. #NSAM2022 #KnowItNameItStopIt

So often, stalking, DV, & or sexual violence are overlapping victimizations – but some may be more immediately apparent than others. Ask DV, sexual assault & stalking victims about the full extent of their experiences to enhance their safety & hold offenders accountable.#NSAM2022

➡️Sexual Violence in Disasters: Implications for Prevention / Thursday, January 27, 2022 / 2pm-3:30pm EST
Register here: @PreventConnect @NSVRC

The majority of stalking victims experience both in-person and technology-facilitated stalking. NNEDV’s Safety Net app has helpful information to help victims take control of their online privacy. #NSAM2022 #KnowItNameItStopIt
NNEDV Safety Net:

If a partner is showing up, following, contacting constantly, violating privacy, sabotaging, or otherwise scaring the victim – that’s stalking! It can happen before, during, & or after a relationship. #NSAM2022 #KnowItNameItStopIt View the IPV factsheet:

Breaking News: University of Michigan agrees to $490 million settlement in sex abuse scandal ➡️Full article here: #victimsrights #endsexualassault #BelieveSurvivors #SupportSurvivors

We need a strong bipartisan #VAWA4All introduced and passed in the Senate! Survivors can’t wait! Advocates can’t wait! Our communities can’t wait! #VAWA #SupportSurvivors

The reauthorization of #VAWA will invest in prevention and respond to the needs of diverse populations, including an investment in culturally-specific programs. We need to protect ALL survivors now and support a strong #VAWA4ALL.

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