NOVA Honors and Appreciate You.


Honoring You:  Supporting Your Wellness

Victim advocates make a profound difference in the lives of victims and survivors of crime and crisis.  On a daily basis, advocates listen empathetically to victims, offering non-judgmental support and empowering survivors in their healing journey. This amazing work can also take a toll on advocates’ well-being through constant exposure to trauma. 

During the NOVA 44th Annual Training Event and throughout the year, we at NOVA are committed to honoring all victim advocates by supporting and promoting your wellness.  Please join us at any and all of the following self-care events offered during our training event:

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Throughout the 44th Annual Training Event, be sure to keep a look out for more fun pop-up wellness activities and give-aways!


As a part of NOVA’s effort to support your wellness, we have also scheduled a variety of Self-Care workshops:

Continuing to Advocate: Self-Care for a Career in Helping

Colleen Phelan

Radically Resilient Leadership. Resuscitate Your Life!

Ana Christina

Self-Care Strategies for Advocates

Bill Jenkins

When Doing the Right Thing Feels Like It Will End You – Create Hope

Robert Bray

Check the NOVA Training Event App for the most up-to-date information. 
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