We offer trainings through out the year on a range of topics cruicial to victim advocates of all levels.


NOVA will customize our trainings and share our expertise to help create your victim advocacy program


NOVA’s Victim Assistance Academy, offered through our National Advocacy Leadership Center provides comprehensive, skill-based training through an innovative on-line platform.


NOVA’s Campus Advocacy Training is a live virtual training designed to meet the growing need for specialized, skill-based trainings for campus victim advocates.


NOVA Trainings

We offer a variety of training opportunities for victim assistance professionals and crisis responders at all levels.  Our skill-based trainings include on-line course and in-person trainings designed to accommodate individuals and groups around the world.  Join us this year for these and other dynamic trainings offered by NOVA!

NOVA Victim Assistance Academy

Offered twice a year (Spring and Fall), pre-approved by the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP) this training provides skills and tools for new and aspiring advocates.

National Advocacy Learning Center

For our Premier Members we offer Monthly and Quarterly CEU Webinars on a variety of topics for advocates of all levels of experience.

NOVA Campus Advocacy Training

Offered once a year, this training is specialized in the topics and skills for victim advocates in college/university settings.

NOVA Crisis Response Team Training

NOVA collaborates with communities around the world to facilitate CRT Trainings focused on providing trauma mitigation, education and emotional first aid in the aftermath of a critical incident, either small-scale or mass-casualty.

NOVA’s Annual Training Event

Once a year we invite all victim advocates and allied professionals to join us for three days of in-person trainings and workshops.

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

During NOVA’s observation of National Crime Victims’ Rights week in April we offer a variety of trainings and events to promote victims’ rights.

Customized Training 

NOVA offers customized Victim Advocacy Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) to help corporations, communities and agencies develop innovative approaches, polices and trainings to expand and enhance support for victims and survivors of crime.

Contact us at for more information!

NOVA’s Customized Victim Assistance Training and Technical Assistance Program

NOVA offers customized Victim Advocacy Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) to help corporations, communities and agencies develop innovative approaches, polices and trainings to expand and enhance support for victims and survivors of crime. NOVA’s TTA Services include:

Customized 1-day Victim Support Training providing corporations, agencies and individuals with tools to support, listen and communicate with people who have experienced a traumatic event.

Customized 40-hour Introductory Victim Assistance Training on the core competencies for victim advocacy as defined by the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP)®. Pre-approved by NACP, NOVA’s 40-hour Introductory Victim Assistance Training curricula will be customized to your organization’s unique program and target populations served.

Dynamic Webinar Trainings on emerging trends and best practices in the field of victim assistance. Facilitated on NOVA’s video teleconferencing platform, Adobe Connect, NOVA’s National Advocacy Leadership Center Training Team works with organizations to customize topics and group discussion to your agency and target populations served.

One-on-one Technical Assistance, Coaching and Mentorship on a wide range of victim assistance topics facilitated by NOVA’s National Advocacy Leadership Center (NALC) Technical Assistance and Training Team. Customized consultation is available via phone, email and through NOVA’s video teleconference platform, as well as targeted site visits at the request of organizations and/or communities.

For more information on receiving Technical Assistance or to set up Customized Training, please contact

NOVA Victim Assistance Academy: Shaping The Future Of Victim Advocacy

The NOVA Victim Assistance Academy (NVAA) is a forty-hour live distance learning training for aspiring and new victim assistance professionals. Offered through NOVA’s National Advocacy Leadership Center (NALC), this unique academy provides comprehensive, skill-based training through an innovative online platform.

Who should Register?

This course is designed for new and aspiring victim advocates, although we welcome advocates at any level.

When is the training offered?

The NVAA is offered twice a year, Spring and Fall. There is one class provided in the Fall from 11:00am – 3:00pm ET. Two class times are provided in the Spring. One at 9:00am-1:00pm ET and the other 5:00pm-9:00pm ET. Classes meet on Wednesdays. 

The Fall 2019 NVAA will be offered September 18th – November 13th at 11:00am – 3:00pm ET, every Wednesday. 

How Do I Register?

Fall 2019 Registration is open! Register Now

Use the button above to register conveniently online. A paper application can be found here. Please contact regarding group discounts and registration.

What is the cost?

Standard early bird tuition rate is $335 per student. NOVA Members receive a discounted rate of $270. Group discounts are available for 5 or more students from the same organization. Please contact for more information. Become a NOVA Premier Member to receive a 10% discount!

Please note that prices increase a month before the NVAA is set to begin.

Why Register?

The NVAA is:
 – CONVENIENT: Expanded access to learning for victim service professionals who may have schedule, geographical or physical limitations with accessing more traditional academies.
 – SKILL-BASED: Students receive comprehensive, skill-based training in an innovative online classroom.
 – INTERACTIVE: Small class sizes allow students to interact directly with faculty and classmate, and participate in role plays, group exercises, all in real time from their home or office.
 – UNIQUE: Direct access to over 20 nationally-recognized Subject Matter Expert (SME) Faculty Members. See our dynamic faculty members in action!
 – VALUABLE: Pre-approved by the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP)®.


Take a moment to browse through our NVAA Alumni testimonials to learn why these and other victim assistance professionals are choosing the NVAA.

Ask Our Alumni

  • Luis Bispo, MA
    DoD Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
    Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major
    Stuttgart, Germany
    NVAA Fall 2014 Alumni

    My Introduction to Victim Advocacy

    While on active duty, I started developing advocacy skills by caring for Soldiers and family members. This was a duty or role in which those in leadership positions had no choice but to engage in caring for others. I had many opportunities to support families when in crisis. This included help finding lodging, providing advice on their budget plans, and reacting to after hour calls including a drive by shooting at their living quarters and on certain occasions attempts of sexual assault at their quarters. When the Army began developing their sexual assault program, I was selected by my Commanding General to lead the implementation of such program in our command in Stuttgart. From this experience, I developed an interest in pursuing a career in victim advocacy. When I retired from the U.S. Army in 2013, I found a job as Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC).

    NVAA’s Impact on my Career

    As a SARC, NVAA is part of my career and professional development. I believe NVAA brings to the table the reality of victim advocacy and experienced instructors that can make me a better SARC.

    My Experience with NVAA Instructors and Staff

    I rate them “way above excellence.” The impression they left regarding their knowledge of every subject was impressive.

    Knowledge and Skills Gained

    I learned how to talk to a victim, what to expect from each of the different scenarios presented, confidentiality (although I have it, the course gave me truthful reasons to accept it from the heart rather than my job alone) and apply it in discussions to show the community we care for victims of sexual assault; how to appreciate what my peers know and their level of knowledge; and listen to others more attentively.

  • Mary-Justine Todd, MPH, MA
    Founder and Executive Director
    Women’s Crisis Care International
    Lagoon, Bahrain
    NVAA Spring 2015 Alumni

    NVAA’s Impact on my Career

    The NVAA training has given me the credentials necessary to run and operate the first rape crisis counseling and response program in the Middle East, Women’s Crisis Care International. Although where we work, primarily, the Kingdom of Bahrain has no credential requirements as it’s not yet a professional widely understood here, having gone through the NVAA gives me confidence that we can make strong claims about our professionalism, training and expertise.

    My Experience Attending a Virtual Academy

    It is equally interesting and rigorous as any classroom course, however it allows you the freedom to do it from your home and in my case, from the Middle East. Without the online platform it would not have been possible for us.

    Knowledge and Skills Gained

    Ideas about how I can improve upon and expand our advocate training that we hold here in the Kingdom of Bahrain. I got lots of ideas about how to improve and add to my current program.

  • Maricella Montoya Carter
    Interim Executive Director
    The Center for Sexual Assault Survivors
    Newport News, VA
    NVAA Spring 2015 Alumni

    My Career in Victim Advocacy

    I have been in the field of victim advocacy for over 20 years from a volunteer to an employee. I started out volunteering at a domestic violence shelter in junior high. Once I graduated, I was hired as an intake worker and eventually as a victim advocate. I went on to work as a case manager in a men’s prison in Arizona. In California, I worked as a victim advocate and house manager for victims of human trafficking for many years. I worked for Homicide Survivors Inc. as a bilingual advocate and now I am with The Center for Sexual Assault Survivors. I started out as the Hispanic Community Outreach Specialist/Victim Advocate and I am now the Interim Executive Director.

    NVAA’s Impact on my Career

    Even though I have years of experience in advocacy, the NVAA gave me the opportunity to learn new practices. Being able to interact with advocates from other areas of the county and world is an invaluable experience. The fact that we had advocacy in common made it even better.

    My Takeaway from the NVAA

    I realized through the academy many of us out here are trying to help victims survive every day. We do not have to carry it all on our own. I find myself reaching out more now to NOVA and other agencies for resources and support.

  • Lakisha Toussaint, MA

    Why the NVAA

    The NVAA offers an interactive experience to assist me in developing my professional skills as a victim advocate. While I am an active duty military officer, I am volunteering as a victim advocate. The NVAA is a vital tool in broadening my skills and providing instruction on how to better serve victims of crime.

    My Experience with a Virtual Academy

    My experience with attending the virtual victim assistance academy was awesome! The online blended course provided a very interactive learning environment. The instructors for the course were experienced and very knowledgeable of their specific area of expertise. They made class very interesting and gave students a chance to interact at their comfort level.

    Knowledge and Skills Gained

    This course provided a lot of insight for me.  I learned a lot through my classmates’ experiences as well as from the instructors.  The NVAA provided vital knowledge to use as a victim advocate.  For example, knowing my role while trying to meet the needs of the survivor was a major takeaway for me during the training.

  • Dede Dacyk
    Assistant Manager, RCMP Victim Services
    Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP) Victim Services
    British Columbia, Canada

    My Introduction into Victim Advocacy

    I joined the Royal Canadian Mountain Police Victim Services team in 2003. I first joined as a Volunteer and then moved to a paid position. I love being a victim service worker.

    My Experience with the NVAA

    I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the NVAA. I found it very interesting to hear about people situated all over the world and all coming together to share their experiences and knowledge of the same cause. Furthermore, the staff and instructors were wonderful. I found them extremely well qualified and knowledgeable on their subject matter.

    Knowledge and Skills Gained

    The nine week NVAA was a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and actually wish it had gone on longer. Being in this field for 12 years, I found this program a great refresher. I gained different tools and knowledge from each instructor. I also found it interesting to learn of some differences in law and victim advocacy being that I am from Canada.

What is the NOVA Campus Advocacy Training (NCAT)?

Through our National Advocacy Leadership Center (NALC) and in partnership with Campus Advocacy & Prevention Professionals Association (CAPPA) the NOVA Campus Advocacy Training (NCAT) is a six-week, 24-hour advanced training academy focused on building participants’ knowledge and skills to prevent and respond to sexual assault, stalking and interpersonal violence in higher education.  Graduates of this unique academy may be eligible to apply for the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP)®’s new “Campus Advocacy Specialist” Credential. The Training will be delivered using a blended-learning approach, which includes six consecutive weeks of live, virtual training and self-paced outside assignments designed to foster classroom discussion.  To enhance participation, class size will be limited to forty.

Who should apply?

You must be a campus-based advocate or community-based advocate providing services on a college campus to apply.

Questions? Please email us at

When is the training offered?

The next NCAT will be held in Winter 2020 and registration is expected to open in September 2019. Please join the NCAT Interest List to be notified on enrollment and upcoming training.

How is it different?

The NCAT is a unique, high-quality training which allows students to directly interact with nationally-recognized Subject Matter Experts.

Victim Rights Law Center

Campus Advocacy & Prevention Professionals Association (CAPPA)

Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA)

University of South Carolina

University of Colorado

Rutgers University


Vera Institute

National Latin@ Network Casa Esperanza

Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault

Colorado State University

Georgetown University

University of Tampa

What is the cost?

Tuition for the Winter 2020 NCAT is $350/student. Members of NOVA and the Campus Advocacy & Prevention Professional Association (CAPPA) enjoy a 10% discount and group discounts are available for groups of five (5) or more advocates.  Contact NCAT for more information.

How do I apply?

The next NCAT will be in the Winter of 2020. Registration is expected to open in September 2019 and application information will be provided on this webpage. Join our NCAT Interest list by clicking here.

Have a question or interested in receiving more information regarding the NCAT?

Email us at

NOVA is committed to the professionalization of Campus Victim Advocacy- check out our op-ed in USA Today.

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