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IMS Technology Services:

With offices in Garnet Valley, PA and Orlando, FL, IMS Technology Services is a certified woman-owned business offering a full range of event staging and production, audiovisual, and creative services across the US. Our unmatched passion and enthusiasm for each and every project separates us from other event staging providers. We love helping our clients deliver the very best possible event for their organizations and our drive for perfection from our executives to the technical team on-site. We are proud to support NOVA’s 46th Annual training event in Orlando Florida. If you would like more information about IMS please contact Alyssa McKernan at Amckernan@imsts.com.

Center for Respect:

At The Center for Respect, we provide trainings and live programs lead by Mike Domitrz for helping to build a culture of consent and respect for every person – at educational institutions, military installations, government groups, and organizations of all sizes. We attend the NOVA Conference because we love the opportunity to network with and team up with so many amazing professionals dedicated to ending sexual violence and supporting survivors. We invite you to stop by our booth and find out about the latest RESPECT-based programs being offered by Mike Domitrz. Plus, every person who stops by our booth will receive a complimentary copy of our book “Voices of Courage: Inspiration from Survivors of Sexual Assault” featuring 12 survivors sharing their strength and courage. We’d love to hear from you before you arrive in Orlando. Please reach out to Rita in our offices at rita@CenterForRespect.com or call Rita at 800-329-9390.

Our website is: www.CenterforRespect.com


R3 Continuum is a global leader in workplace behavioral health. We provide expert, reliable, responsive, and tailored behavioral health solutions to promote workplace wellbeing and performance in the face of an ever-changing and often unpredictable world.

Every workplace is unique and your behavioral health solutions should be too. We offer a full spectrum of services, including crisis response, advocacy, training, evaluations, executive optimization, protective services, and more to help your organization and people thrive.

Workplace behavioral health is more important than ever. We can help.

Visit us at R3C.com

APPRISS Insights

Notify. Inform. Empower. Protect.
Appriss Insights is the leading SaaS technology provider to the field of victim services, offering a broad range of data-driven solutions that strengthen public safety initiatives. Our flagship solution, VINE, is the nation’s first automated victim notification service. Founded upon our proprietary incarceration database, VINE provides real-time custody status, court case, and protective order notifications to millions of victims, survivors, and concerned citizens across the country. Aligning with our corporate mission of Knowledge for Good, we empower victims by giving them the life-saving safety information and peace of mind that they deserve. Visit our booth to learn more about how VINE helps victims, survivors, and those who support them better plan for their safety. Reach out to Karen Adams, Appriss Insights Training Manager, at kadams@appriss.com for exciting details about our upcoming sessions and booth activities planned for NOVA’s 46th Annual Training Event.

Our website is: www.apprissinsights.com

Global Promotional Sales

We are a small woman owned business, partnering with non-profits and government agencies to spread prevention awareness and facilitate a message for the programs and victims, that are spreading their voice and mission in our communities.
Our focus is making awareness and prevention a household conversation through everyday useable items & educational resources.
Drop by our booth and learn how we can transform your voice into a message that people are talking about. Global Promotional Your Partner in Prevention.

Our website is: www.globalpromotionalsales.com

Made for Freedom

Our products are made by survivors of sex trafficking and those coming out of marginalized situations from over 15 partner centers around the world. Last year was Made for Freedom’s first NOVA conference and we are thrilled to be part of this extraordinary conference again and connect with its attendees. Together we can fight human trafficking with style. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dawn Manske at 314-722-6070 or dawn@madeforfreedom.com.

Visit our website at: www.madeforfreedom.com


Thriver Zone

I’m Susan M. Omilian JD, the originator of the Thriver Zone motivational model I have used successfully with hundreds of women in the past twenty years. The model includes the Seven Steps to Thriving After Abuse that help victims of gender-based violence to take the journey from victim to survivor to thriver and reclaim their lives.

In Orlando, attend my workshop and visit my exhibit table. Pick up samples of key messages from my books which include energizing writing exercises, easy-to-use worksheets and an inspiring goal-setting method that you, too, can use in your organization or practice as a victim advocate.

In advance, you can contact me at Susan@ThriverZone.com. Let’s talk about how we can work together to help women move beyond abuse and live well as their best revenge!

Our website is: www.ThriverZone.com

The National Children’s Advocacy Center 

The NCAC Training Center is housed on the campus of the National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC). The NCAC is the birthplace of the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) model; and since opening its doors in 1985 this innovative model has now been implemented in more than 950 cities throughout the United States, and in the past ten years has also been implemented in at least 33 countries. In addition to providing local services to children and families, the NCAC is one of the leading global organizations providing training and technical assistance to child abuse response professionals. More than 158,000 child abuse professionals from all 50 states and 179 countries have been trained by the NCAC Training Center with international training and technical assistance focusing on development of national policies providing for the protection of children, implementation of the multidisciplinary response (CAC) model for child abuse, and development of national training programs. Please be sure to visit our booth in Orlando or prior to the Annual Training visit our website at www.nationalcac.org