VRWhat do you say to someone traumatized by violence or a crisis? Some people freeze, fearful of saying the wrong thing. Others revert to clichés or lectures, thinking that will help. This training is for those whose primary responsibility is NOT victim care, like Victim Advocates and Crisis Responders who have skill-based training for Victim Assistance.

Whether you are a caring supervisor or compassionate friend, Victim Relations (VR) Training provides coaching and skills so that you know what to say and do to assist victims. Roles like Risk Management or Human Resources are tasked with addressing the needs of customers, clients and/or employees in crisis. NOVA brings decades of experienced in working with traumatized people with the added dimension of expertise of criminal victimization assistance.

Contact NOVA to discuss a customized one or two-day contract training that provides practical competencies for communicating with and serving people in crisis. When contacting NOVA, please indicate the nature of your business, the types of crises that you are seeking to support (e.g. employees, customers, etc.) and the number of people you expect to participate in training.


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