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Cyber Safety and Identity Theft Victim Assistance Training
Project AWARE: Cyber Safety Sense is a one day training on cyber safety and identity theft—its economic, personal and employment impacts. Cyber fraud victimization can be complex and challenge every area of the justice system in protecting communities and addressing victimization.

This interactive victim advocate training will encourage participants to contribute their experiences and strategies in identity theft victim assistance. Project AWARE uses Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist® and other subject matter experts to address a range of cyber safety victim assistance issues.

Project AWARE is open to Victim Advocates, and allied professionals as well as law enforcement personnel.

“The ID theft Training that NOVA provides is extremely informative and allows the group to participate and share different experience thorough out the day. It is definitely one that we will keep others apprised of and look forward to being able to conduct again in the future.”
-Attendee of the Tacoma, WA April 2011 Summit

“This was by far the most informative and useful training I have ever attended. As a Crime Victim Advocate dealing primarily with Identity Theft victims, I found this training to be an important piece in my ever-evolving education process. My clients will truly benefit from what I have learned.”
-Attendee of the Spokane, WA April 2011 Summit

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