Project AWARE: Cyber Safety Sense
Cyber Safety and ID Theft Protection Consumer Training

In addition to the myriad of victims NOVA encounters, increasingly they encounter victims of identity theft, cyber crimes, stalking and harassment.  Violations of privacy are a significant part of these crimes and inflict a substantial hardship on these victims.

In response, NOVA has developed AWARE – a Cyber Safety and Identity Theft  Protection Consumer Training Program.  Initially supported by a cy pres grant from the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, this program utilizes a multi-tiered training format to ensure sustainable community focused education on cyber crime prevention and response. NOVA provides the most current training and materials to consumers on how to protect themselves from identity theft and all types of cyber crime.  Potential online privacy threats are exposed and steps are thoroughly outlined to protect Personally Identifying Information (PII), identify online weaknesses and resources for remediation if a breach does happen.

While Project AWARE was piloted as a statewide program for Washington State, it was developed as a scalable model to easily be replicated nationally.

Rather than target a small region of Washington, this program serves the entire state.  Local agencies are trained and, in turn, provide trainings to diverse groups of consumers within their counties. These include parents and students, the elderly, minorities and those with limited access to services. According to statistics from the 2012 Consumer Sentinel Network report, young adults ages 20-29 are consistently the largest, fastest-growing and most vulnerable group to be victimized by identity theft. NOVA has developed training specifically for this group to effectively reach students through colleges, universities and technical schools state-wide.

Project Aware uses adult education principles along with a complete set of presenter and participant materials designed to create a sustainable education program by building a cadre of trainers to multiply training within each region. Specially selected Master Trainers provide skills, content, expertise and outreach and presentation materials in Cyber Safety Principles, presented in 30- or 60-minute community presentations. Participants are trained with the tools necessary to protect their families from potential online threats.

Sustainability is a key component of this program.  NOVA, in collaboration with local partners, maintains a trainer’s network within the state. Regular communication, using various forms of electronic networking are used to update resources and promote continuing training AWARE participants.

Please contact NOVA to bring Project AWARE’s Consumer Education to your state.

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