Project AWARE: Cyber Safety Sense

Because of the complex and devastating nature of cybercrimes, we diligently work to protect/restore victims’ good names and personally identifying information. We understand the vulnerabilities associated with privacy breaches, as that information is used to victimize people financially, physically and emotionally, we also understand the trauma that is created from such violations. In response to the ever-increasing demand for identity theft victim assistance, NOVA has developed Project AWARE. This Cyber Safety and Identity Theft Awareness program combines innovative tools to reduce online threats and victimization, along with resources for remediation.

The two Project AWARE Programs include:

  • AWARE Victim Advocate Training – Interactive summits to equip Victim Advocates and allied professionals with the necessary tools to assist victims of ID Theft and Fraud.

Both these NOVA training programs are very effectively and efficiently educating professionals and consumers with the most up-to-date online user protection tools to combat theft of privacy, identity and personal information. NOVA is very proud of the empowerment this knowledge has provided to these participants. Dramatically expanding each year, Project AWARE helps families across America improve their cyber safety sense.

As online fraud and identity theft victimization increase, so does NOVA’s response.

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