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NOVA is working to build a new future of empowerment for all victims and survivors of trauma. Since 1975, NOVA has been a recognized leader in victim advocacy, trauma-informed education, and professional credentialing. We champion best practices and policies that support and empower individual survivors and whole communities in the aftermath of a crime or traumatic events. NOVA programs are designed to ensure the highest standards and professional core competencies are met and maintained by those working with victims/survivors of crime. 

Your donation will help NOVA professionalize the victim assistance field, advance victims’ rights, and ultimately achieve our mission to champion dignity and compassion for all affected by crime or in crisis. Your contribution supports our efforts to: 


–  Provide on-the-ground crisis response resources to communities in need.

– Continue training over 4,500 people a year in NOVA trauma-informed academies and crisis response training. 

–  Expand free programs like the 2020 Virtual Gatherings and Self-Care series to better support our community and combat vicarious trauma.

 –  Award need-based scholarships to community members to attend the NOVA Annual Training Event and virtual academies.

 –  Launch our NEW Office on Victim Advocacy Ethics, meeting the critical need to establish clear ethical guidelines and consult on ethical dilemmas in victim services. 

 –  Continue to grow our community of nearly 7,000 Credentialed Advocates (CAs) that have been certified by the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP)®

 –  Support the training of 1000-1500 crisis responders each year in our Crisis Response Team (CRT) TrainingTM. With NOVA-trained teams across the United States and around the globe, thousands of responders are ready to support victims and survivors following mass casualty disasters.

 –  Collaborate on grants, programs, training, and trauma-informed resources through enhanced partnership with our valuable network of non-profits and subject matter experts.


Our goal is to build a national—and international—movement of professionally trained and credentialed victim advocates and crisis responders. We want you to be a part of this movement! Help us double the number of survivors we serve by 2022. 

Donate Today

Hoping to contribute to a specific program? When you donate, please type in the program that you wish to support in the section that reads: “In Honor Of / In Memory Of / For” 


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