One of the defining characteristics of a crisis is resulting trauma. When something is unexpected, unique and overwhelming to our daily experience, that can result in traumatic reactions. It is important to recognize that traumatic reactions vary from person-to-person and event-to-event, based upon a number of variables.

Most likely, your reactions are common. These are described as “common reactions to an uncommon situation.” You aren’t going crazy. You’re just dealing with trauma and trying to cope.

Keys to coping include:Cope

  • Physical health and abilities
  • Emotional and mental capacities and strength
  • Having family and community support
  • Having spiritual connections
  • A positive view of ‘self’ and life

If trauma reaction persists and in ways that inhibit coping and functioning, this could indicate the potential problem. It might be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Please consult a mental health professional.

National Center for PTSD (Veterans)

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