While many victimizations use electronic tools for perpetration (e.g., cyberbullying, stalking and identity theft), it is also possible that the internet can become a tool for a violation of opportunity, intentionally and unintentionally. This can include:

  • Posting pictures or video online of strangers
  • Using social networking data to violate privacy or worse.
  • Spreading misinformation using emails, texts and blog posts.
  • Using another’s wireless network without authorization and/or to commit illegal activities without the owner’s knowledge.

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A growing violation facilitated by the cyber world is known as ‘revenge porn.’ Typically it occurs from ex-intimate partners who distribute intimate photos of their former partners as an act of revenge for breaking up, divorce, etc. Commonly the victim was attempting to leave the controlling relationship in the first place, so it is no surprise that an abuser would use this device as another means of control. Consult your state’s laws to determine whether this wrong represents a violation of law.

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