Older people can be abused, neglected and exploited physically, emotionally and financially. Physical and emotional abuse can also be a means to the end of financial exploitation.

Elders who are victimized can have added challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Isolation: Our society often segregates older people physically and socially.
  • Physical Accessibility: In some instances, older crime victims do not have physical access to services. This might be because of lack or transportation or limited mobility.
  • Attitudinal Accessibility: Attitudes toward the older person are as important as physical accessibility. Older age does not mean a person is less human.
  • Valuable Resources: Because of their life stage, some elders have means from a lifetime of working that makes them a desirable target for perpetrators.

Links and Resources:

National Center on Elder Abuse

The United States Department of Justice: Elder Justice Initiative (EJI)

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