There is the expectation that professional service provicers (medical, legal, religious, law enforcement and public servants) have responsibility to uphold their duties ethically.

Abuse occurring in the professional setting (e.g. professional to client) can be reported to professional authorities (e.g. bar association) as well as law enforcement.

    • Religious authority abuse. Determine what hierarchy exists for the religious leader. Consider support groups for help, advice and encouragement.


    • Medical or psychological misconduct. Determine what medical or counseling associations or boards to make a report in your state or nationally.


    • Attorney misconduct. Contact the state or national bar association and follow a process for reporting a violation. There are also malpractice attorneys that might assist.


    • Law Enforcement abuse. Report your complaint to internal affairs office or office of professional responsibility. You may also report to the state accreditation board. Consider support groups for help, advice and support, especially for victims of domestic violence where isolation is a common factor.


    • Political and community leader abuse. File a report with the ethical conduct committee of the governing board or community council.
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