NOVA's 45th Annual Training Event

Wednesday July 24, 2019

BLOOM365 Next Gen Advocates PEER to PEER
Summer Leadership Academy

Training Overview

This full day interactive training on Wednesday, July 24th, will build your teen’s advocacy skills, as well as inspire them to activate change in their own school and/or community.

All Next Gen Advocates will gain the knowledge, confidence and skills to:
•Spot red flags and root causes of domestic/sexual/teen dating violence
•Help a friend experiencing, witnessing, or perpetrating domestic/sexual/teen dating violence
•Communicate and resolve conflicts through “I Statements”
•Cultivate positive self-esteem and self-love among their peers
• Start a #blooming movement in their school commuity

Benefits of Training Include

•Building knowledge, confidence and advocacy skills
•Gaining new life skills (communication, conflict resolution, social change/movement building)
•Certified as a BLOOM365 Awareness Ambassador
•Priority consideration for membership on the BLOOM365 National Per Advisory Board
•Opportunities to connect with teens form across the country
•Access to the BLOOM365 teen Peer Advocate Crew Member network (Google Hangouts, Remind, etc.)

Who are BLOOM365 Next Gen Advocates?

•Passionate about changing the social norms that lead to power and control based violence (domestic/sexual/teen dating violence, bullying, stalking, sex trafficking)
•Interested in gaining advocacy, leadership and movement building skills.
•Inspired to cultivate empathy, respect, consent, kindness, equality, equity and safety as standard for their generation. •Activated to #UprootAbuse in their school and local community

BLOOM365 Next Gen Advocate Teen Track