In 2008, NOVA teamed up with LifeLock to address the growing need for identity theft victim assistance and remediation. LifeLock is an industry leader in the rapidly growing field of identity theft protection. LifeLock opened its doors in April 2005.
Based in Tempe, Arizona, the company is led by an exciting leadership team that has driven the company to numerous awards and honors in four short years. We serve tens of thousands of consumers in every state of the union, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Victims’ Assistance

LifeLock partners with the nonprofit National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) to present educational programs about identity theft across the United States. Summits are open to victim advocates and allied professionals as well as crime prevention specialists. The one-day training addresses a range of identity theft issues, including laws, new technologies, awareness and protection strategies and assistance tools to aid victims of identity theft.

More information about LifeLock’s training options can be found on their website.

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