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As the national leader in crime victim advocacy, NOVA is building a new future for victims and survivors of crime.  Our vision starts with the fundamental question:  How can we best support and empower victims, survivors and communities in the aftermath of a crime or traumatic event?  

 Our answer drives NOVA’s goals:

  • Ensure every victim and survivor has the right to receive professional victim advocacy services, including nonjudgmental support, information and resources in the aftermath of a crime
  • Advocate for victims’ rights to be universally recognized and enforced across our country
  • Support communities by training crisis response teams (CRTs) to deploy and support victims and survivors following mass casualties and natural disasters
  • Build a national—and international movement—of professionally trained and credentialed victim advocates and crisis responders

Last year, NOVA’s unwavering commitment to crime victim advocacy had a profound impact—training over 5,000 crime victim advocates and crisis responders; offering critical information to over ??  victims and survivors on our helpline; and deploying crisis response teams to victims and survivors in the aftermath of mass casualties.  Next year, we will touch more lives with your support!

How Can You Help?

Your generous tax-deductible donation makes it possible for NOVA to expand and enhance our support for victims and survivors of crime and crisis.  Please consider supporting NOVA today through one of the following giving plans:

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  • Recognize a leader in victim advocacy or crisis response with an Honorary Contribution in recognition or remembrance of a professional who has made a difference.

Thank you for your generous support of NOVA and for your commitment to victims’ rights!


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