National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Advocacy Awards:

NOVA is honored to award the following winner and honorees for their outstanding efforts, leadership and dedication to assisting and empowering victims and survivors of crime. Throughout the week, NOVA will recognize advocates in the areas of Pioneers in Advocacy, Community-Based Advocacy, System-Based Advocacy, Campus Advocacy and Military Advocacy. Please check our NCVRW webpage throughout the week as we celebrate their dedication to crime victims!

Pioneers in Advocacy

NOVA 2017 Exceptional Victim Advocate Award

Andrea Clark

Founder/Executive Director
Mothers of Murdered Children
Detroit, Michigan

What Does Victim Advocacy Mean to You?

I am a victim’s survivor and being an advocate for victims and survivors helps me channel my pain, it means being able to support victims and survivors through a journey they may have never experienced, in a positive way. I get great joy out of guiding victims and their families through the legal process, grief support, resources, peer to peer counseling, creating a space with our local Police department by providing communication between victims’ families, so that it is a lot easier on them as well as the detectives and how to build relationship with those who have experienced the same.  It means being a voice for those who speak no more and those who are not strong enough to speak. It means being the bridge between law enforcement and the victims and survivors. When I can take the burden off the shoulders and heart of a victim or survivor, it makes me motivated to continue to be an advocate for them.

NOVA 2017 Honored Victim Advocates

Janet Peery

Chief Executive Officer
YWCA Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Amber D. Gray

Former Executive Director
Casa Di Nuova Vita Corp
Lake Elsinore, California

“Jan is a remarkable leader, policy wonk, promoter of lasting partnerships that benefit survivors and victim assistance programs, and most importantly, a survivor who uses her personal experience to help other victims, and to fight for their rights.” “Ms. Gray lives for the protection of and improved quality of life for victims of violence. When I worked with Ms. Gray, several years ago, she once told me, “Before you ever pat yourself on the back for doing a good job in this field, remember that you are here to make sure that these brave women and children are able to live again, laugh again, love again, and establish trust without fear. Then and only then can you pat yourself on the back.”

Karla Reaves

Hampton Victim Service Unit
Hampton, Virginia

Mark Weiner

Director of Victim Services
Licking County Prosecutor’s Office
Newark, Ohio

“Her work with victims and the care and concern she shows, has made a positive impact on not only victims, but her staff as well. Under Karla’s leadership, the Hampton Victim Services Unit has become a model agency throughout the state of Virginia, and she has been instrumental in making that happen.” “His positive attitude, drive and determination make him someone who gets things done and those are traits he uses as he provides victim services and works toward the enhancement of the victim assistance field.”

Rosie Martinez

Victims’ Unit Director
Hidalgo County Office of the Criminal District Attorney
Edinburg, Texas

“Ms. Martinez has a passion to help victims and she had been an excellent role model in her community and at home. She has truly inspired many to overcome victimization and become a survivor.”

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