National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Advocacy Awards:

NOVA is honored to award the following winner and honorees for their outstanding efforts, leadership and dedication to assisting and empowering victims and survivors of crime. Throughout the week, NOVA will recognize advocates in the areas of Pioneers in Advocacy, Community-Based Advocacy, System-Based Advocacy, Campus Advocacy and Military Advocacy. Please check our website throughout the week as we celebrate their dedication to crime victims!

Community-Based Advocacy

NOVA 2017 Exceptional Victim Advocate Award

John Keuffer

Executive Director
Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center
Cincinnati, Ohio

What Does Victim Advocacy Mean to You?

“Victim Advocacy means supporting those who have been maltreated via actions or by presence. Helping to provide comfort, support, guidance and direction for those at their most vulnerable state. Some times it appears as advocacy, other times it appears as being an ally and at all times it appears as being caring.”

Mr. Keuffer is married to Kendra, a Police Officer and has a 3 ½ year old daughter Grace.

NOVA 2017 Honored Victim Advocates

Carolyn Compton

Neighborhood Advocate
Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative
St. Louis, Missouri

Shannon Conrad Wokojance

Victim Advocate
Victim Assistance Program
Akron, Ohio

“Carolyn advocates on behalf of crime victims and on behalf of the entire neighborhoods….She is enrolled in a masters program, servers on a neighborhood board, works with interns, and is a mother, all while working full time.  Recently, a victim of a street robbery said if it hadn’t been for Carolyn and her help she would have moved out of our neighborhood.  Businesses have remarked that this sort of support from Carolyn is not available in any other area.  Carolyn is truly trying to improve the quality of life for those living in our community and make it a better place to live, work and visit.” “Shannon goes above and beyond to help her clients. She is always going the extra mile to advocate for victims and empower others to see they are a survivor.”

Stanley Phillips

Senior Advocate
Crime Victims Advocacy Network
Olympia, Washington

Alexandra Potter

Victim Advocate
Victim Assistance Program
Akron, Ohio

“Stanley has genuine compassion and empathy for the people he serves, and has a talent for coordinating with other community agencies and fellow advocates to ensure that each client receives the highest quality of care possible. Our community is incredibly fortunate to have Stanley advocating for victims and victims rights in our area.” “Alexandra goes above and beyond for the victims she serves. Where she sees a gap, she tries to fill it. In 2015 she helped start our county’s SANE program program, dubbed P.A.T.H. (Providing Access to Healing), in collaboration with our county’s Rape Crisis Center, Battered Women’s Shelter, and Victim Assistance Program.”

Kelly VanDriest

Volunteer Coordinator
Safe Haven of Ashland
Ashland, Ohio

“Kelly always goes beyond her call of duties. For instance, she finds time out of her busy schedule to assist clients with paperwork and documents. I can truly say that she is the strength of our agency…Because if her work, clients have been able to get to their appointments, get better understanding of CPO’s, and receive the basic physiology needs. Survivors have come back to thank her in person for saving their lives and believing in them. “

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