logo-webThe Department of Defense Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program receives applications via the following:


D-SAACP Review Committee
National Organization for Victim Assistance
510 King Street, Suite 424
Alexandria, VA 22314




Submit applications: DSAACP@trynova.org
Follow-up after submission: DSAACP-Followup@trynova.org

Phone assistance:

Monday-Friday, 0900-1700 Eastern Time (GMT -5)

Address Changes:

Please help us keep your address current by emailing address changes to: DSAACP-Address@trynova.org.

Military Feedback Form

If you have comments, compliments, or complaints about the services on your installation/base or provided by a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), victim advocate or other military staff or personnel, please use this feedback form. You can submit the form anonymously if you prefer. Information you provide on this form will be forwarded to the DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO) and they will follow up with you if you wish.

Tracking address: marie-bhajca@webc.trynova.org (do not email this address)