Safety Checklist for Points of Compromise (POC)

  • Physical POCs
    – Secure your “snail mail” (ingoing & outgoing)
    – Consider paperless billing
    – Opt out of “junk mail”
    – Create a “wallet inventory”
    – Shred unneeded documents
  • Technology POCs
  • –  Carry only the cards you NEED
    –  Safety vs. convenience based purchases
  • –  Minimize liability (credit vs. debit)
    –  Monitor your credit and bank accounts
  • Computers and Internet POCs
    –  Don’t uses P2P or torrents to share files
    –  Keep data backed up to external drives
    –  Use antivirus, keep it updated
    –  Use VPN protocol if accessing public Wi-Fi
    –  Use various “strong” passwords for online accounts
    –  Practice “safer shopping”
    –  Don’t fall for email or classifieds scams
  • Mobile Device POCs
    –  Physically secure your device when not in use
    –  Back up your data
    –  Minimize the amount data on the device
  • –  Do not reply to unsolicited or suspicious texts
    –  Manage location settings
    –  Be suspicious of QRC codes
    –  Turn off/disable Bluetooth
    –  Use secure banking apps to access mobile banking (not device browser)
    –  Use antivirus apps and keep them updated
    –  Monitor permissions requested by apps
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