Crisis victims can have a wide range of needs from mental health assistance to physical and financial. NOVA’s area of expertise is Early Psychological Intervention, providing trained individuals to help stabilize individuals traumatized by a crisis. NOVA has been involved in small-scale critical incidents and mass-casualty disasters. NOVA responds by invitation only rather than sending teams into a situation without authorization.

NOVA has been sending crisis response teams since 1986 when the first team was sent to Edmund, Oklahoma. Since that time NOVA-trained responders have been deployed in teams or embedded in other teams of first responders, victim advocates and disaster relief workers. Most responses are handled at a state and local level. When the need arises, resources can be scaled-up to address the demand for assistance. Large-scale disasters where NOVA responds in include hurricanes, tornadoes, school and workplace shootings, and the four sites of 9/11.

NOVA is a member of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD).  Crisis victims may also want to consult the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery.

 Additional resources: Mental Health Guide for College Students

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