Please be advised that spammers are using NOVA contact information in an attempt to commit fraud. Do NOT respond to their phishing attempts. The email typically looks like this:


National Organization for Victim Assistance

510 King Street, Suite 424

Alexandria , VA 22314

Hello Sir/Ma

I am delegated to inform you that the above mentioned organization Under the empowerment of the United Nation and the Obama Charity Foundation, to assist you with the sum of $2.5 million United State Dollars, for being a financial victim, and I am also honored to Inform you to contact the contracting paying bank immediately for the transfer of your payment into your private bank account, kindly forward the below information to the payment officer’s email address.


Needed Information:


Full Name:




Payment officer’s Email:

Payment officer’s Name: Mr. Tony Barton


Yours truly,

Rhonda S. Barner, President

Director (ret.), Montgomery County Victim/Witness Division, Dayton , OH

2nd term ends 2013


If you have any questions, contact NOVA through our Contact page.

Tracking address: (do not email this address)