NOVA’s Board of Directors is comprised of up to fifteen elected members committed to the mission of championing dignity and compassion for victims of crime and crisis.

Hon. Tim Jeffries, President
Founder, P7 Enterprises, Scottsdale, AZ
2nd term ends 2017

Andrew Yurick, Vice President for Administration
Attorney, Woodbury, NJ
1st term ends 2016

Marsha Probst Secretary
Director, Victim Assistance, Park City, UT
1st term ends 2015

George Sylvestre, Treasurer
Purdue Pharma, L.P.
First term ends 2017

Rhonda Barner, Immediate Past President
Director (ret.), Montgomery County Victim/Witness Division, Dayton, OH
2nd term ended 2013 (remains as Immediate Past President)

Frances Pellicia, MD
The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s University Hospital, Brunswick, NJ
2nd term ends 2015

Bilenda Harris-Ritter
Attorney, Ritter Law, Maumelle, AR
1st term ends 2017

Sharon Mai
Director, Victim Witness Services, Jersey City, NJ
First term ends 2016

Sandra McGowan
Chief (ret.), State of New Jersey Office of Victim Witness Advocacy, Huntingdon Valley, PA
2nd term ends 2017

Rose Torgerson
Director of Training at the Washington Coalition of Crime Victim Advocates
1st term ends 2016