The National Organization for Victim Assistance extends its deepest and sincerest condolences for the families of the Dallas law enforcement officers killed and injured while serving as escorts during a peaceful protest in downtown Dallas, Texas on July 7, 2016. The peaceful protest was in memory of the shooting deaths of two African-American men in Louisiana and Minnesota. The acts of taking such lives must in all respects be condemned as we search for ways to help victims heal. “We the People,” whether in or out of uniform, must remain vigilant in our social obligation to ensure domestic tranquility. We stand firmly with the peaceful communities of the fallen and injured and offer our support and prayers.


USAToday - OpinionEvery Campus Rape Victim Needs an Advocate

Published in USA Today’s Opinion Column, NOVA Executive Director Chief Justice Richard Barajas (Ret.), and NOVA Education Director, Claire Ponder Selib provide a firm and passionate argument for trained and credentialed victim advocates on every campus.

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